Who Wouldn’t Enjoy A Wonderfully Colorful Bouquet Of Flowers?


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Flowers always put a smile on their lips, whether they are purchased or given as a gift. In this way, the flowers are visible in nature, fashion, and home decor in the summer, and for us, you can see them too!

There can never be too much color, joy, and beauty in life! Decorate your home with flowers and give flowers as a gift to spread joy and love around you. To make the selection easier, we wrote tips on what purpose each flower is suitable for and what their donation communicates.

Say It I Blossomed – What Do The Different Flowers Say?

Flowers have long had different meanings. For example, where red roses are a clear expression of love, many white flowers are funeral flowers. Therefore, giving as gifts, for example, white lilies, skulls, hydrangeas, or chrysanthemums should be avoided, as beautiful as they are. If you know for sure that the recipient of the flowers will not see the funeral symbolism in the white flowers, you can be sure that they will bring more joy than sorrow to the recipient.

Before choosing flowers, think about what you want to say to the recipient of the flowers and choose the flowers accordingly. What colors does the recipient of the flowers like, is he more of a friend of cut flowers or potted flowers? Here are a few tips: summer sunflowers radiate strength and joy, seemingly buttercups say the recipient has a special meaning to the giver of the flowers.

Colorful Gerberas bring color and joy to everyday life and orchids are a complement to the beauty of the gift recipient. If you are unsure about the choice of flowers, you may want to ask for additional tips when buying flowers.

Keep These Tips In Mind When Giving Flowers As A Gift

In addition to the type and color of the flower, there are a few other things to consider when choosing flowers. Here is our list of top tips:

  • The stronger the color of the flower, the more passion it communicates. Indeed, dark and strong colors are more suitable for close relationships than, for example, for colleagues.
  • Light and pastel flowers are suitable for young people, as they communicate the joy and lightness of youth.
  • Assembling bouquets doesn’t just depend on appearance. Not all flowers fit together in the same attack, as their scents quarrel with each other. It is therefore advisable to smell the flowers together and separately before making the final choice.
  • The number of flowers is worth thinking carefully. For example, one flower is a message of strong love, 7 flowers of courtship, and 13 flowers of anger.
  • The bouquet should be handed to the recipient with the left hand. This signals that the gift comes straight from the heart.
  • a man hands a bouquet of flowers to a woman

Hopefully these tips will help you choose summer flower gifts. These are the options that you can make use of as well. It will be a delight no doubt.